Managing Green Certificates and sustainability

Let us simplify your sustainability work and solve any reporting issues

With our system support for contract management, follow-up and Green Certificate reporting we can save you valuable time and give you all the facts you need.

‘How do we know that we get what we signed up for?’ This is a common and valid question, with our system you get the required proof you need for your sustainability reports and internal communications.

Green Certificates

There are a large variety of certificates associated with the purchase of electricity, with a range of sustainability credentials.

With our Energy Sourcing Tool (EST) system, we can offer a seamless handling of all types of Green Certificates. Ranging from electronic order and contract management to accounting and reporting. Examples of certificates are:

I-REC (international Renewable Energy Certificate)

REC (Renewable Energy Certificate)

GoO/GO (Guarentee of origin)

Bra Miljöval / Good Environmental Choice

EPD (Envoronmental Product Declaration)

If you need to handle these or other electricity certificates, we have the support for orders and agreements as well as reporting and sustainability performance.

The system can handle data relating to different countries, factories or products.

Having total control of your contracts and supplies will enable you to focus on your continued work for sustainability.

From strategy to report

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