If you are responsible for buying electricity for a property management company, the public sector or for industrial use - we at Ensotech would like to hear from you.

We are with you through the entire process. Together we will eliminate manual routines and generate cost savings on your electricity purchases. Our digital SaaS-system Energy Sourcing Tools (EST) is unique and will lift your business to a new level.

  • Save time. Digitising of reports and forecasts will save valuable hours for you and your organisation.
  • Cost saving thorough control and strategic planning.
  • Procurement. We can objectively advise you on your electricity procurement.

We offer both the experience and the digital technology. Resulting in savings for your company, the environment and society.

About us

It began when we realised that is was impossible for a buyer of electricity to possess the same knowledge as the power generating companies in a complex deal. A few years later, in 2016, Ensotech was founded, and shortly afterwards we had the processes and technology in place to address this imbalance.

With advice and our Energy Sourcing Tools we make a complex process simple. We are an unbiased advisor with a passion for facts and for helping companies cut costs.

Magnus Kjellin is the CEO and founder of the company, he has over 20 years experience in the de-regulated electricity sector. During his career he has worked with among others: AstraZeneca, Scania, Ericson and Telge Energi.

- That both parties in a business agreement should have the same facts available when negotiating is all about fairness. That is the cornerstone of Ensotech.

Today the team consists of 5 members with offices in Stockholm and Umeå.

Our clients are happy to share their experience of working with us and the cost-savings and environmental gains achieved together.


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