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System support for electricity purchasing frees up resources

With Ensotech you get a secure and effective support for all internal processes in relation to the purchase of electricity. This gives you the greatest business flexibility, security and peace of mind for those responsible for purchasing electricity

When it comes to purchase of electricity, there are typically only a few specialists at a company who understand the complexity and challenges involved. To be responsible for the purchase of a product with this level of price volatility makes it highly time-consuming to deliver a financial and business strategic estimate.
Being able to simplify the internal process is of utmost importance and frees up time to develop your business. We have the system support designed entirely around your needs.

Currency Contracts

Our system’s functionality makes it easy to handle reports, follow-up, and to report on currency contracts.

Digitalised reporting

It’s becoming increasingly common for Authorities, both nationally and at EU-level to require reports of activities in various forms and periodicity. including requests for accounting information. Regardless if it’s IFRS-reporting, reports to the Environmental Agency, MIFID, physical or financial market we have the support functions to prepare and supply these. You have complete flexibility to choose one or more suppliers both of electricity and green certification.

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