Public Sector

Buying electricity – from procurement to control

Procurement of electricity

We help you with tender documentation, invite suppliers, evaluate received tenders and carry out the procurement

In addition, we are specialists in follow-up, control and management of the supply for the duration of the contract – perhaps the most important aspect of the entire process.

Sustainability and Quality are main issues in today’s procurement – we make sure you have full transparency and clarity of reporting to facilitate your auditing.

With digitalisation it is no longer impossible or hugely time consuming to control all aspects of your electricity cost. However, one challenge remains – to get your supplier to live up to your quality requirement throughout the contract period. We secure the quality of supply from the pre-tender stage and through the contract period.

With the right controls and process right from the start, the procurement is smooth and cost-effective.

Currency Contracts

Our system’s functionality makes it easy to handle reports, follow-up, and to report on currency contracts.

Digitalised reporting

It’s becoming increasingly common for Authorities, both nationally and at EU-level to require reports of activities in various forms and periodicity. including requests for accounting information. Regardless if it’s IFRS-reporting, reports to the Environmental Agency, MIFID, physical or financial market we have the support functions to prepare and supply these. You have complete flexibility to choose one or more suppliers both of electricity and green certification.


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